Destiny's Star

Destiny's Star - Beth Vaughan This is book 3 but you can read it as a standalone novel. I read book 2 two years ago and I had forgotten some things but thanks to the book I was soon up to speed on things. Because each of these books are about a new woman. I actually read book 2 first, then book 1 and then this one (you know how it is.) Also to be noted is that yes this is the series by Elizabeth Vaughan but she is published as Beth Vaughan in the UK.Bethral is in love with Ezren and he is on love with her. But neither thinks they stand a chance and therefore they do not make a move. Bethral is your typical warrior woman, strong, tough and she can take on any man. Ezren is a storyteller, not a warrior. They are in a way like night and day. He thinks she pities him, and she thinks he wants someone soft. Oh people in love are fools. Magic brings them to the land of Bethral's mother. The books known from Vaughan's War series. And they also tie in to those books since the civil war no going on got started in the War books. I do like this land of nomadic warriors because it is just so weird. Like how men and women need to have 5 babies each before they can commit to anyone and they are also very free in their sexual life. She has done well with creating this rich world and as two strangers with very different ideas they are certainly out of place.The book is also about adventure as they try to find a way back home and escape those who want to kill Ezren for the magic he holds. They meet new friends, learn about a new culture and since this is about romance too they fall in love.Conclusion:A good fantasy romance. There is love, magic, action and a strange new land.