Seven Nights to Forever

Seven Nights to Forever - Evangeline Collins I was very curious about this book when I saw it around, but truth be told I was not sure if I would like it. I mean she is a prostitute, but I listened and tried it. Totally worth it.There was just something about the book. There was this sadness and lingering hope. They both wanted to be loved but life had not dealt them that card. The writing was good and I was soon lost in the book and did not want to put it down. A wonderful romance in a different setting.Rose is a whore, there is no other way to put it. She sells her body for 7 days/month. She fetches a good prize since she is beautiful and mysterious. There is the whole point to why I wondered about if I would enjoy the book but I did. She does not care for her job but she needs money. There is no image of a happy prostitute and she knows it is dangerous and that she is damaged goods. I felt for her and I wanted her to be happy, and even though this is a romance I wondered how the author would make it happen.James is unhappy. He married a well-born wife so his sister could get a foot into the society world and land a title. They have merchant money and we all know that is not old and good money. His wife is a total bitch who sleeps around and hates him. Still he does not want to be unfaithful but his steps lead him to a brothel. Poor unhappy man. He was just so gentle and sweet. These two fall in love and it is wonderful. But Rose does not want to be kept and be with a married man. As you can see, the HEA is far away (but it comes, I mean this is a romance after all.)I liked the writing, it flowed well and I liked the two characters. Sure it nagged me a bit that Rose just did not tell her brother to stop wasting money. She was too nice (even if he did not know they were poor and what she did). And of course James' wife was a bit too evil in her bitchy ways, but a book like this needs an uberbitch.Conclusion: A great historical romance with erotic touches. I recommend this book cos it was sure hard to put the book down when I started it.