Alien in the Family

Alien in the Family - Gini Koch I adore this funny series. Everything about it is utterly silly and amazing. Maybe I should just write a review why I like the series instead of going in to "analyse." You know what, that sounds like an excellent idea.Reason why you should read Alien in the Family.1. Jeff Martini.He is just so so, awww hug attack! Yes he is really jealous and he really wants her. But I love him even when he thinks she flirts with someone else. The poor guy has some emotional trauma since he is an empathy and can feel everything.2. KittyShe is funny, sassy and just everything. She says the strangest things, she does the strangest things. She became a commander of the airborne just cos she is so freaking cool. The aliens love her and I would love to have her as my bff.3. ReaderKitty would totally run away with him if he was straight. Sadly he is not and therefore they are best friends and he is lovely and funny.4. PoofsIn this book you meet poofs. What they are, well on the cover you can see something scary. One of the scary things are the poofs I think. So adorable and scary pets.5. Funny!I have mentioned it before but this series is just so funny. There is one scene that had my giggling. I will not tell you what happened but it was hysterical. Kitty is the best.6. ChristopherI have to mention him too. Jeff's cousin and sometimes I am a tiny bit team Christopher too. If she only could get them both. I think the only one I did not like was Chuckie, back off Chuckie. Kitty is only for aliens.There you have it. This series is funny, cute, there is romance, danger, freaky aliens and you will never sit there and say "I have seen that". Nope it is fresh and weird.I recommend it. So read it.