Demons Prefer Blondes

Demons Prefer Blondes - Sidney Ayers When the book starts we do not know that Lucy is a succubus. Nope she owns a beauty salon. She is single, she has good friends and one of them has just brought a strange box to her. Let the fun begin. This is where the demons step in and they are not your usual kind of demons. There are the wicked evil ones and then there are those blessed by angels and they actually fight for good. That was different.Lucy was fun and she could hold her own, quite the tongue on her. Her two employees are fun, cheeky devils. Her best friend is interesting (and getting the next book), the chimp that shows up was fun (yes I said chimp, it was an imp as a chimp). And I am not forgetting the hero, Rafe, a demon sent to get the box back. He is one of the good guys and he is slowly falling for her. The guy has some issues, mostly since he wants to save her sister and since he does not want to get involved with anyone. There you have it, a great cast of characters.The story is about the chest since the bad guys want it, but it is also about Lucy finding out what she truly is (while having a hot fling with a handsome demon).But the thing I liked best (well not counting the fun characters) was the humour in the book. Even if it looked really bad Lucy still had funny remarks. Perhaps a survival instinct but it was fun.Conclusion:This was a light paranormal with humour sprinkled on top. It was a quick read.