The Samantha Granger Experiment: Fused

Fused - Kari Lee Townsend Plot:Sam is just like any other teenage girl, except for that her parents have moved around a lot since they are scientists. Now she is at a new school, she has got a great bff, and a crush on this really cute boy. But then she touches something that fell from the sky and she gets fused with her cell phone, she is a waling GPS, and she can hear the super hero in her calling.My thoughts:The book was cute, fun and short. I think it works well for girls and boys. For girls there is Trevor, the boy Sam has a crush on, and her trying to deal with that (while having this weird crazy powers), and for the guys there is the fact that she decides to become a superhero. The book is MG but works for YA too.Samantha was a nice girl, she is not the most popular girl, she is not the smartest, she is just your average teenager, that is before she gets crazy powers. Powers that later are explained, the whole phone and meteor thing.Something is always going on, Sam in school being suddenly really smart in geography class, trying to deal with Trevor, or when the evil queen bee Ali is feeling threatened by her (there is always that mean girl). Trying to save people in need or when the situation gets out of control since she is feeling someone stalking her.Recommendation and final thoughts:Like I said, great for boys and girls, MG and YA. This is a book I could recommend to someone younger since it was a nice book and it did get a bit exciting too. I enjoyed it too, it was short, and I always did enjoy a superhero story.Reason for reading:I am always in for something new.Cover thoughts:Good colors