Stronger than Sin

Stronger than Sin - Caridad Piñeiro The books doesn't have to be read in order, but doing that you will know more about these genetic experiments. And as for the paranormal romance label, well there is noting paranormal here so far, it's more scientific romance suspense. The "paranormal" is all man-made. Let me explain. Plot:There are this evil kind of scientists that wants to make perfect soldiers and such. By implanting animal DNA into humans. In the last book one escaped and was rescued, and Liliana managed to get the things going on in Cat's body under control. In this one a man shows up claiming to be FBI, and wants Liliana to treat another escapee, Jesse Bradford, a hunky ex football player who joined the treatment in order to get better since he is suffering from a disease. The implanted genes into him, and now those genes are going crazy and he is getting an exo-skeleton, because where he gets a wound, bone heals it. And when the whole of you are just bone, well then you die. The evil guys are also threatening him. There you go, another sort of paranormal romance. My thoughts:I liked Liliana already in book 1, she was in a bad relationship and I wanted her to find someone nice. Nice here is Jesse who the "FBI" tells her is out of control and could go crazy and punch someone. She really should be careful but she meets him, she is gentle and sweet, and he falls for her at once. No one has been that nice for a while. He also used to quite the player, but who can hold it against him. He was famous and goodlooking. I also like Jesse because he feels so bad for lying to her, but he wants to save his sister, and Liliana is one smart women and she has doubts about the whole thing. Something weird is going on. But she still stays, she is tough too.There was suspense too, the race against the clock because he needs treatment, and his body is out of control. The danger from the Wardwell gang who wants to keep their test subjects and make the process better. The abuse he is suffering from Whittaker, the FBI agent, and so on. And then there is the romance, the slow romance that is building up between these two. She is skittish, and it's wrong on more than one level. But there is passion between them, and when they finally make a move, then it's bliss. Recommendation and final thoughts:I say yes, I would recommend this book. It's different than usual paranormal books, it's like Dark Angel, but without the bleak future. A book for you paranormal and UF fans, for those that like suspense, and romance, and in the end to everyone that would like something different.It's an easy book to read, even when she in the lab being all smart. I could not turn the pages any faster to see what is going to happen. It was even better than book 1. And when it ends, omg, I do not know what to say. Perfect ending, but also an opening and I sure hopes she writes more.