By Midnight

By Midnight (Ravenwood, #1) - Mia James My thoughts:This book is a paranormal YA romance with mystery thrown in. April Dunne is the heroine who has move and go to a new school. Filled with rich kids and smart ones. Perhaps it could have been like a normal school if the in crowd had not paid so much attention to her, and murders happened in the neighbourhood.April was smart kid, she questioned things, but of course she was also a girl and young. Which means crush time. There are some hotties around, but she is more interested in Gabriel who act all mysteriously. And of course I knew what he would turn out to be, even if it takes a real long time for the truth to come out. As for Gabriel, he was very sweet and protective.This book has its doomed romance between April and Gabriel, but mostly it's about all the other things going on. Strange things are going on, her dad is also investigating the school and cemetery and he is on to something. I am just gonna go out and say it since you get it already in the prologue, vampires. But the truth to what on earth is going on takes its fair time, and then at the end, of course that is when it gets really thrilling. One part of the mystery I can't mention, but it's shocking.There was one other thing that I sort of guessed, I was right, just not entirely about what it meant, and it was one good secret. And again, you just have to read to see.Conclusion.I think this one would be good for the YA crowd. It has got romance, mystery, vampires, secrets and more secrets. It will keep you guessing.