Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires 1)

Some Girls Bite  - Chloe Neill My thoughts:Yes I have finally tried this series. I have heard a lot of about it and how Team Ethan is the best and how something that happened in the last book was shocking (oh and I actually know what since I am a very bad girl and asked someone.) Back to the beginning. Merit does not want to be a vampire but she was saved from a certain death and this was the only way to survive. Therefore she has certain attitude problems towards her new Master Ethan, oh yes I love how she stands up to him and refuses to serve him hand and foot. I liked her at once, the same goes for her housemate Mallory, her new sparring buddy Catcher who is so cool and Morgan (Team Morgan! Please do not become a creep or evil cos I like him). Ethan then, sorry all, but he was an ass. Yes I know some like jerks but he was not for me. I saw the attraction, I am not blind, but I did not fall for him. But he was not a I wanna kick your ass jerk, he was more rolling my eyes jerk. And if he turns around then I am going to fall as hard as the rest of you.The world was good. Vampires came out 8 months or so, but the rest of the paranormals have not. Everything is pretty civilized on the surface, even if I am sure we will see the dirt at the bottom when the series continues. A simple world with much to offer. And a good story about Merit trying to find her new vampire self and the hunt for a serial killer, the same that attacked her.Conclusion:I liked it at once. I did not have to read far before I knew that I did not want to put this book down. I recommend it and I want to read book 2. Ok I need to read book 2. I want more.Rating:Page-turner