Alien Tango

Alien Tango - Gini Koch My thoughts:This series continues to be utterly amusing. There is lots of stuff happening and there is lots of humour promised.How to write a review of this strange book, that is the question. First let me start that Kitty is an amazing heroine, she can kick ass, she is funny and when it comes to men she can be somewhat clueless. It is also impossible not to like her. She is now the commander of the Airborne and fights uglies together with her man Jeff. Aww Jeff, he is devoted to her, totally crazy about her and knew he wanted her from day one. I do like when he becomes all jealous too. He is my kind of alien. Together this couple is great.The rest of the crew, nothing bad to say about them. I love how she banters with them, I like Christopher's glares and they are just one fun bunch.Action, yes all the time. There is a conspiracy, and evil people want to take down the aliens. Not to mention that she gets a crazy stalker after her. What can I say a lot of crazy in this book and it made me like it even more. Hot sizzling romance too. I did not forget about that.Why is it funny? Well there is always humour even in the darkest of times. Just look at the cover and you get the feel of the book. Cos yes there will be alligators and space shuttles in it.Conclusion:I read the book really fast and still it took me longer than normal. It is a mystery. But anyway the book is just that good. I kept on reading, I smiled and went woot woot. This is a fun series that I would recommend to PNR, UF and sci-fi lovers.Rating:Hard to put down