The Lace Makers of Glenmara

The Lace Makers of Glenmara - Heather Barbieri My thoughts:First I must say that my review is not going to give this wonderful book justice. It's just one of those books that is so wonderfully written that I just not have enough words to express why I loved it so.Kate designs clothes and loves to sew gets dumped by her fiancé, so she leaves for Ireland and just wanders around. She is both sad over her relationship and her mother's death. She is a bit broken and she finds solace in Glenmara. A broken town with no tourists and people are fleeing because there is nothing to do there, but she finds wonderful friends there, Bernie who rents out a room to her and who is lonely too. And the rest of the Lace makers who all have different problems, if it's husbands, themselves or children. With each other they find a new goal in the lingerie they start to make, and they each find that they lost too. They might be older than her, but they are all women and the friendship they form is strong.The prose is beautiful, and something as simple as them sitting there and talking still brings out everything the book has to offer. It is well written and with it's story about friendship, loss and new-found strength it makes it a story for everyone. There is also a bit of romance hidden in the background, but even though I love romance it is the life of these women that is more important (still yay romance).It also made me tear up, because it's not all fun and friendship. There is also jealousy and a priest that is just an ass.Now look, I just can't bring it justice. It's just impossible. The book was lovely, and it also has these pieces of magical realism in it. It's a book you read slowly to savour all the words.Conclusion:Of course I recommend this book to all. I loved it, it was wonderful and it when I finished it I was happy. This is how I want my fiction to be like. It was perfect.Rating:Read it!