The Golden Chain

The Golden Chain - Margaret James My thoughts:This is a stand alone novel, but it also is a continuation of The Silver Locket, in that book Rose and Alex fell in love and later adopted a child, Daisy. Fast forward and she is 15, going on 16, and she falls in love for the first time. You can read it without having read the other one; you will just get more surprises. This is a good thing too.Daisy was young, but she was also ready to try new things, and to make mistakes. She was pretty headstrong and found out that she wants to pursue acting with Ewan, who she has fallen for. So they leave because her parents also know they can't stop her. They can just try to keep her safe, and that is sure why I liked her parents. Because if not then Daisy would surely have left without a word. Sure she makes mistakes later when she falls for a scoundrel (yes I still love that word). But she is growing up and finding herself. And for being so young she has a good head on her shoulders.Ewan then, well he will make mistakes too. But as I said these two are young, and the love is there, and you all know I wouldn't be leading you down the wrong path. There will be a HEA.While her previous book was about war this one is about the stage, and the trouble of finding a job. Following your dreams, and finding yourself. And there is some drama too, love trouble, and a certain "evil" Sir Michael who does not like the Denham family.Conclusion:A pretty sweet book and you always knew when they were down on their luck that things would get better, or at least I hoped so. You always need hope in dark times. The setting was interesting, and the romance was always there in the background, but it was more important what they were doing. Which I liked. A nice balance between historical fiction and historical romance.Rating:Sweet