Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World - Abigail Reynolds I have a weak spot of Jane Austen sequels, variations and just about anything. I never get tired of the story, and I do love the What if’s. I have read some wonderful ones, some strange ones, and they are always witty and amusing. This one was actually rather heartbreaking in a way. Lizzy and Darcy got married because she never turned him down after that first awful proposal. Colonel Fitzwilliam showed up and saw Darcy kissing her, and they were married. Mr Darcy is in love with her and thinks she loves him too, but here comes the heartbreaking part, she doesn’t. She is not happy in their marriage and tries to do her duty. And to see him so in love and clueless just tugs on my heartstrings when she doesn’t share his feelings. It’s horrible to read. That is the beginning of this novel, but the author would never leave us with a mess like that. The truth will come out and hearts will break. But there will also be a chance for them to build something new, something lasting and fitting the love they are supposed to share. As for old characters, this is mostly Lizzy’s and Darcy’s book, but we do meet Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana, Wickham, and Bingley shows up too and he wants his Jane back.The thing I liked best about this story was actually this great twist just because it brought so many feelings into the mix. And it gave me as the reader a chance to really root for them, and hoping that they somehow could truly fall in love as equals. Because this twist meant that Darcy still was awfully pride and looked down at her family and Lizzy also had prejudices against his sister, whom she thought of as proud. And then there is the whole Wickham angle, yes she still thought of him as the good guy.There are many JA variations around and this one was one of the more interesting ones that I have read. I would happily recommend it to fans of variations, or anyone with a love for Jane Austen. If you haven’t tried one by now then take a chance on them. They are fun to read, and it does not make the original any less of a book. I am not very good with grades, but I would give it a 3,5 because of the wonderful twist.