Return of Black Douglas

The Return of Black Douglas - Elaine Coffman My thoughts:Sometimes the Scottish accent works and sometimes not. This time it worked for me and I do think I know the reason. The Hero had his accent, the heroine not, so it was never too much. Which I am glad for since it can be pretty hard sometimes to understand.To the book then, it was sweet and fun. Isobella Douglas is visiting Scotland and soon she and her sister stands in a battlefield. Ok at the side, and they watch some handsome, really handsome highlanders fight each other. Every woman's dream (the hunky guys in kilts, not the fighting). Elizabeth is soon gone and then we have our hero and heroine, Isobella is a modern woman and she will let no man tell her what to do. But she is falling for Alysandir who do not want a woman again after being hurt. And Elizabeth knows that a mistress is of no worth. Alysandir did have some moments where I just shook my head. But then you saw it so much better in this book because they were from different times. But I was also sure that the heroine could transform him.These two are slowly falling in love, Isobella wants help getting her sister back, and then she discovers a neglected child and takes the child under her wings. There is also a big question hanging in the air, will The Black Douglas suddenly come and take her back home, what if she wants to stay? And the best of all, I know I always come back to my oh no! She is ruined bit, but here I did not care since this was a modern woman, so she could just do as she pleased ;)Conclusion:I finished this book rather fast because it was easy and fun. A good highland romance with a couple that is nothing alike.Rating:A fast read