Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold - Caridad Piñeiro My thoughts:This one is a mix of genres, I can't put it in just one. There is adventure and suspense, then there is the romance and the paranormal aspects, so all in all a nice little mix.It a short story, but plenty of action still. Cynthia, the heroine, is an archaeologist, but she stays at the museum cos of something that happened in the past. But she is still strong, and of course smart. Rafe, her lover, has been missing for six months, and he is more the Indiana Jones guy that looks for treasures in the jungle.The journey there is enough time to make me wonder what is going on, and when they get to where they are headed, that is when the action comes in. Oh yes this temple has a real Goddess who likes to eat people, yummy. Suspense and action.And don't forget the romance, there are some hot moments earlier on where she remembers Rafe, and more passion are promised when they meet again.Recommendation and final thoughts:Like I said, there is something for everyone. Just think Indiana Jones with powers, and all the weird things that happened in those movies, plus smexing. A fun short read.