First Impressions

First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice - Alexa Adams My thoughts:Now this was a fun one. I think this is how PP was supposed to be, but then Austen decided to bring in some drama and Pride and Prejudice.This one changes right at the start. Darcy holds his tongue and dances with Lizzy, and finds her rather witty. So he never tells Bingley to walk away from Jane, and he tells Mr Bennet that his younger daughters are making fools of themselves. I like this Mr Darcy with less pride because it all makes sense. It begins with little things and then the rest falls into place.How about the rest then. Oh more fun, I promise you. There is a match I always wanted, a match that made me laugh, and we hear about all the rest too. I liked that.She is also writing in a style very similar to Austen, it feels old, and that does make it feel real. It turns out to be a good variation with less drama, and the characters are on their best behaviour..well most of them. What could you really expect from Wickham? ;)Recommendation and final thoughts:This was a short variation, but I enjoyed it. She kept it authentic, and it truly felt like a way the story could have played out. Reason for reading:I like Austen variations, that is hardly a surprise any more