Icebreaker - Deirdre Martin My thoughts:I shall begin with a little speech. I have only read book 1 so far, and I had no trouble at all jumping to book 9. It's a series about the players finding love, their relatives finding love and so on.Sinead was uptight, and a workaholic. Adam was quiet and did not talk any more than he had too. One would think that these too would not work together but they did. They both worked hard at their jobs so there they were similar. And Sinead did want to let loose, and Adam was hiding a real sweetie inside. They were good for each other.The ice-hockey theme, I like that. Sports and romance work well, and here there are other things too. Since Adam plays old school hard hockey and the bosses want a cleaner sport. I like rough hockey, anyway, he feels the pressure. A nice couple who had some things to go through, the hunt for winning the Stanley Cup, the lawsuit, and a good cast of different characters. I felt right at home in this world, as I had been there many times before.But what I liked the most, lol, there was a Finnish player in the book. The young star who had to be put in his place. Wohoo, Finland, they even drank some Finlandia vodka. Thumbs up for that.Recommendation and final thoughts:A cute romance with a great setting. Who can say no ice-hockey players. And since I feel so at home, I would read more.Reason for reading: