Everyone Loves a Hero: ...and That's the Problem

Everyone Loves a Hero....and that's the problem - Marie Force Plot:Cole is famous for landing a plane in a blizzard and saving the captain. Women are throwing themselves at him and he goes through life without thinking about a future with any of them, until he meets Olivia.My thoughts:Awwww, I just wanted to hug this couple. They were so adorable. This was truly a love at first sight and forget about everything else kind of book.Cole is 36, womanizer, and he loves to fly. He has a woman at every stop and there are good and bad things about his new found fame. But that is old Cole, new Cole emerges the moment he sees Olivia and he wants nothing else but her. And I was just smiling because he is such a sweetie. Olivia, 27, goes to business school, works at the airport and loves to paint. She has a troubled family life, and does not get out much. I read on and just saw myself in her, so of course I had to like her when she was me. Of course she has doubts, because even when they are out together women flirt shamelessly with him, and a girl does wonder. Anyway they were utterly cute together, a couple that had to be together. And I do love love at first sight.The drama, because there is always drama, is about Olivia's mum, the women who can't let go of Cole, and the issues and fears Olivia has with that. But he is sweet all way through, and she tries. Though there was one thing at the end where I felt like she really should have stopped and thought about a certain thing, but hey some extra drama to get over brings a great ending.All right I am just gonna say it one more time, what a couple, group hug anyone?Recommendation and final thoughts:Do you like love at first sight? A couple that just want to be together, and a couple that just make you warm inside, well then this is the book for you. It was sweet, and the perfect cute lovestory about how two people just are meant to be together. Ok just one more time, I promise, cute story!