Quick Bite

A Quick Bite (Argeneau Vampires, #3) - Lynsay Sands Plot:The Blurb does say it all.My thoughts:This one was on the lighter side of paranormal romance. Sure there was some passion and danger, but there was also this light vibe and some humour.I liked the plot idea. Lissianna is an 200 year old vampire, she has no problem biting down on a neck but in these modern times most blood comes in bad. And Lissi has one big problem, she faints at teh sight of blood. Her mother kidnaps a hunky men and leaves him on her bed, the doctor to fix her problems. A sexy doctor that makes her long for a bit more.Lissi was nice, and after delving deeper into her past I understand her fear of blood. Greg was understanding, well, after a while, and they seemed to good for each other. But being immortal is not that easy when it comes to men.And there I come into the best part of the book, the vampires. Not silly cross fearing, no shadows bloodsuckers here. No there is a good scientific reason; Atlantis, scientist, nano bots into bloodstreams to cure illness, and those same nanos were just too good. Which left the people almost immortal, but in a need of blood not to die. The same nanos can be transferred from mother to child, and if you find you perfect mate. There you got, vampires created by mistake by a superior people. I loved the originality of this.The tone is light, and had me reading fast. One thing did bother me, a certain danger that emerged and that was so obvious but that Lissi did not see. But then she did have Mr Hunk on her mind so I forgive her.My recommendation and final thoughts:I liked this book, and it is a series that I would recommend. There are still lots of single vamps that need to find true love, and I wonder what dangers might emerge. A 3,5 with a promise of more to come. I enjoyed this story, and I sure enjoyed the background for the story. It was a sweet story, throw in some passion and mix with one big nosy family.Reason for reading:Sounded funCover:Not my cup of tea, but she does look really sweet and that fits Lissi.