Post-Human - David  Simpson Little unsure about one thing, sometimes it had the feel of YA and sometimes not. But YA readers could definitely read this book, and especially boys.This is the future and everyone is used to having everything served on a silver platter. They are all smart and getting smarter with each upgrade. They can fly (well not really but thanks to technology), wounds are healed, they live and live, and everything is just perfect.But some resist, a group called the Purists, and they are us, we who live now that is. I got pretty irritated when the group came across purists and went all "gross, they eat things from the ground, and meat, and they operate on people to save them." I felt the post humans were pretty ungrateful, if people in the past hadn't invented things they would not be where they are now. So they annoyed me then. I wanted to shake the person and say, hey, your world is not perfect.Cos that brings us to the story, a group is away on Venus terraforming and when they get back everyone is dead, yes everyone. Then they have to find who did it and they have to save themselves.It had this futuristic matrix kind of feel to it. AI, robots and technology for everyone. I did wonder though, if everyone is so smart, then who has the more crappy jobs. I mean everyone on the planet has an IQ of 147 and wouldn't they all want good jobs? Their world seem to perfect but at the same time it was scary. It was too perfect, living forever, being smart, and I will not say what, but obviously it all went to hell.A sci-fi thriller for those who enjoy these kind of books.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Nah, not for me.Reason for reading: Got asked and since the file was in the email I accepted.Final thoughts: This is gonna sound crazy but the ending was too happy! I would have liked another ending. Now where is this coming from?