The Beast Within

The Beast Within - Erin McCarthy, Bianca D'Arc, Jennifer Lyon Plot:Oh read the blurbs.My thoughts: I am going to make this short, it is always so hard to talk about short stories.The HowlingI liked this one, but then I do like werewolves. There was Liv and her new boyfriend, but he is not really gone. There is a bit of action, betrayal, and hot hot passion. It was a nice short werewolf story that delivered what it promised.Smoke on the waterThis one was my least fave of the three. I can't say why, perhaps it was the zombies, I just can't think of sex when there are crazy man eating zombies outside. So the passion in this one did not work for me. But hey there was at least zombie killings so that is always nice.Redeeming the wizardThis one was actually my fave, I did not expect that, but it was Gage, he was so mmm. Mira was a bit annoying and yes I do confess I wanted to hit her once when she accused him of something. Action, lots of passion, and magic. I liked this world too, and I would like to know more about it.Final thoughts and recommendation:I never know with short stories, but these worked. They were interesting in different ways, and two I liked more. One I liked cos of shifters, love them! And the other one cos of the world it presented. All in all a good anthology. Reason for reading:Sounded funCover:ok