You Dropped a Blonde on Me

You Dropped a Blonde on Me - Dakota Cassidy Plot:Maxine had it all, but then her husband trader her for a younger model and she, thanks to an iron-clad prenup, had nothing. Forced to live with her mother in an retirement village, together with her son. No job, no future, and one big volcano of anger brewing inside of her. Then she meets Campbell Barker, and old classmate, and perhaps there is hope for an ex trophy wife after all.My thoughts:I always wanted to read a Cassidy novel, they all look so adorable and this one was sure looked so too.Maxine is one big mess. She has tried to get every job there is, but not so easy when she has no experience, either than being married to a cheating scum bag. She continues to be a mess too, but with less and less meltdowns. Her ex sure did a number on her, and I kept waiting for him to get what he had coming to him. Cos Max was smart, and sexy, but she could no longer see it herself. She mostly thought her life was over at 40. But there is always a knight in shining armour and that is Campbell in this book, he is hot, and he wants her, and have wanted her since high school. And if anyone needs a hot man lusting after her it's Maxine.I liked Maxine, sure she freaked over some things, but she was scared. Campbell is one great hero in my eyes, he just kept coming back, and would not give up. Then there are the side characters, like her hilarious mum Mona, and all the rest of the elderly in the village. They spiced up the book for sure. There is also a side story about her friend Len, who has mourned her husband for years and a man she meets. A mysterious man who is after something.This book had romance, and it had humour. Like when she visits WallMart and gets really excited over tampons because they are so cheap. She was never a silly spoiled wife, but still she did have everything catered to her so she forgot how to take care of herself, and she learns that in this book. One thing though, it took me a while to read it for some reason. Strange, I do not know why. I guess some books just are meant to be read slower.Final thoughts and recommendation:To all you romance and humour fans. A fun book about self discovery, and then throw in some passion, an idiot of an ex, a bunch of old people who is not afraid to say what the think, and you got this book. A 3,5 cos I would recommend it, and you know you want to know if that cheating ex gets what he deserves. Reason for reading:Her paranormal books look so cute, so of course I wanted to try this one and see how she writes.Cover:Cute