Monsters of Men

Monsters of Men - Patrick Ness Truth be told I was disappointed. But that happened first at the end. Book 1 was so freaking amazing and I could not put it down. Book 2 was ok but things did not feel the same, and then this third one was ok. But not spectacular anymore.Though I like how he brings in choice, genocide, feminism, and terrorism into this strange world. Because it is a good world, where the thoughts of men and animals can be heard and there is never silence.Todd had to free the mayor/president so that he could lead the army against the spackle, the indgineous people of the planet. Behind Prentiss' army is another army, the women's army, they who the men wanted dead because the were silent. Then the spaceships arrive.So it's a book about war, and terror.Now why did I not like it, well the last 50 pages you got me mad. I got disappointed in someone and then angry cos in the end I just did not get it. Was it a happy ending, three words does not make it so. it could have been 2 other things too. So after reading 600 pages I wanted it a lot clearer and the whole book just got destroyed by it.