Happy Hour of the Damned

Happy Hour of the Damned - Mark Henry This book, omg, this book. I shouldn't like Amanda, I mean she kills and eats people! But she is so funny, I loved this book!Amanda Feral is a bitchy, naughty, go-getter, satire and fashion loving woman working at a PR firm that she owns together with two others. She is doing what she loves to do, having an affair with her therapist, and perhaps going on a donut binge now and again. Until on day when she gets the breath. Yes, our fave fashionista is suddenly a zombie. What is a girl to do? Well go clubbing, find a great friend who hunts make.up to cover up her grey face just like Amanda, and then find teh essential gay vampire friend. What a complete triangle. Until one day when one of their friends go missing, the succubi of the bunch. And she is soon in trouble.So yes, Amanda is a zombie, not to be mistaken for their distant cousins, the mindless braaaaaain zombies. No Amanda has class, and as long as she tries to stay out of trouble and not loose any body parts then she can go on like normal. Well except for that her stomach only can take alcohol, and human flesh. So she hunts and kills. But she has standars, no kids, or animals, and old people sticks in your teeth. But we do ger to see her bite down on people and gnaw on ribs. Her best friends are fellow zombie Wendy, as big a naughty pottymouth as she is, and Gil, the male guy vampire. Together they are unstoppable and they love to party. We get to hear how they all were made, and even Liesl's story, the missing succubi. Wendy and Gil are perfect sidekicks, they are funny and all three has this perfect chemistry. The constant bantering is hilarious.Amanda is not so nice really, she can be bitchy, trash-talking, but hey she owns it. Everything that pops out of her mouth is great, and if she wasn't this fun then this would be a horror story and Amanda would not be liked. But as it is now, it is a book that should not be missed. if you are missing something in your paranormal world then this one is for you. It is weird, freaky and laughs are promised.But of course if you do not like bitchy (yet funny) eating zombies then this book might take a while to warm up too, the humour is black as the night. Other than all the alchol and clubbing there is also the mystery part. Finding Liesl adn trying not the get killed as the plot thickens. No one is safe anymore.I will defintely read more one day, because how on earth is this series supposed to end? She is a zombie, if she gets a big wound in her face, well then is stays like that. How coudl she find a guy, when she could just as well eat him after sex (which is also tricky since not all things are working as she should when you are dead). And last, I would love to find out what things she says or does next. I have read that this has been descrived as Sex and the city meets the paranormal, and that is so true. She is Carrie, loving her shoes, and instead of trolling after a guy, perhaps just eating the guy in a backalley.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Dunno why she is holding that goblet, still liking the cover.Reason for reading. Own copy.Final thoughts. One of the funniest books I have read this year, and the best paranormal. recommened