Sweet Anger (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 93)

Sweet Anger - Erin St. Claire Oh yes old school romance, I do confess to have rolled my eyes once or ten times. Kari looses her husband and then the DA Hunter Mckee opens a case against some of her husbands associates, and he is also blamed there. She is upset and starts slandering him on tv where she works, he falls in love and will they ever be together...Ok she the first time they meet he yells at her, while watching how pretty she is and when she leaves he realises that he is in love with her, ok buddy it's called lust. Then one time when she had fainted and opens her blouse and sure spends some time looking at her bra and thinking how pretty she is. This after really going after her in court.I can't say I liked Hunter, his sudden love for her was a bit, maybe it was the 80's love. And she, well she hates and hates, and then she suddenly loves him. Also I did spend some time time giggling at the sexscenes too, like when she was thinking that she wanted intercourse. The sex and making out wasn't that hot. But then things to evolve in 20 years.All in all it was an ok book, and I am blaming some things on the 80's because I have sure read books like this one before.The book had romance, drama, and one angry couple.