To Stand With Angels

To Stand with Angels - Caitlynn J. Gabriel Rian is living god knows where (Wyoming) and she never sees a living soul. She used to have her brother Jackson with her but he was killed so now it is only her and her nephew Kendall. She is scared, and she is hiding from the terrible thing she has done in the past. She is plagued by horrible nightmares. Then one day a man shows up, but he is wounded and she helps him. But he is hunted and heaven is soon falling down upon her. Especially since there are evil around that will not be stopped.It has been ages, I mean ages since I read anything set in the 19th century, and I do like cowboys. All that shooting, brothels, saloons, and a certain chivalry. Here we have your typical western, a badly wounded man, bad men after him, and a damsel in distress. She patches him up and soon realises, that oh yes he sure is hunky after all. They might just need each other but both are hurting badly. There is shootings, and there is saving.But the book does not end there, nope, there are demons loose, bad demons bent on corrupting men. Bradyn is not a nice man, no he has done his fair share of mistakes, and the devil wouldn't mind getting his hand on his soul. Around the middle the book changes from it's Western face and takes on this paranormal face and it looks bad for all. There is one scary demon around, and soon there will be more, and angels.I liked that it was set in the wild wild west, it was pretty cool to find a demon there, and it fits very well with the era. But the way she ended it, I mean it was happy and all but it had this ominous feel to it. There are more stories to tell.Blodeuedd's Cover Thoughts: I can't dis it cos I like green.Reason for reading: Author sent me an e-bookFinal thoughts: If you like your western with a slice of paranormal then this one might be for you.