Mistress by Mistake

Mistress by Mistake - Maggie Robinson First I'd like to say that this perhaps more is a spicy historical romance, cos these two do spend a lot of time in bed, or in other places.In this story Charlotte is left behind by her courtesan sister. The sister was supposed to be Sir Michael Bayard's new mistress but she got married and left Charlotte to explain. Bay comes home and finds a woman in his bed, and cos of some missing jewels she stays in his house.Ok, first I must say that I liked her writing, and the story was good, and sure a lot of passion. But, it is the big but here, I was not too fond of how things came to be. Bay comes home and starts touching a sleeping woman (not happy about sleep-sex!), then he says that instead of her sister she has to stay cos of those jewels. And she stays, but there I feel that it is too forced, and she is an idiot for not running away. Yes ok the scandal if her sister had stolen the jewels but still. he is a beast. There are also some other things about what he does to make her stay and this episode with his crazy old flame but I feel are too much.Half way through the book I leave that behind and try to move on since I do want these two to get a happy ending.I can see that Bay desperately wants love, and poor Charlotte is living as a spinster with regrets about something that happened long ago. She needs love too. They are so perfect for each other but of course they can't see it cos he calls her things and she thinks he is a fiend. But then this is a book and a book needs drama.So I did have problems with some plotlines, oh I am so picky! But for the rest of you, I am sure you would eat this story up, it is sexy as hell, while staying within that boundary and not moving beyond into other genres, and making it too hot to handle. But it sure brings some steam, and a bit more than your average HR.It also had some nice side characters, like the other mistresses on the street. I would love to read more about those.Blodeuedd'sCover Thoughts: Love it, and she does have a scandalous red dress.Reason for reading. My own copy.Final thoughts: A hot historical romance