Darcy Christmas

A Darcy Christmas: A Holiday Tribute to Jane Austen - Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan, Carolyn Eberhart Plot:There are three stories in this book. Mr Darcy's Christmas Carol by Eberhart is the story where Mr Darcy meets three spirits of Christmas, sounds familiar, well it is. He sees the past, the present, and a future he does not want. He better make amends.The Christmas Present by Amanda Grange has the couple visiting the Bingley's over Christmas, and Lissy is pregnant and then there is a special gift coming.A Darcy Christmas by Sharon Lathan portrays the family over many years, always on Christmas.My thoughts:Ahh the Christmas feeling is over me now. I will start with the first one because I can so see Mr Darcy as a sort of Scrooge. He is pining for Lizzy and then he sees what he have done. And the future, poor Mr Darcy, he would not want that. It was fun to see the story with Mr Darcy in it. I kind of wish they would make a little Christmas tv show out of it.The Christmas present was sweet, they truly love each other and it's always heartwarming to see it.In A Darcy Christmas I meet the characters I know from Lathan's Darcy series, and I especially liked the story where one daughter sets her eyes on the boy she wants when she is 3. No I wonder how many more books there will be in this series of hers, because there are sure a lot to write about with all the kids they get.This was something sweet before the holidays, Lizzy and Darcy in love and spending Christmas together.Recommendation and final thoughts:For those that enjoy the Lathan books then this one should be read too since it's the same Darcy world. But all in all they can all also be read like this. Short stories filled with love, and Mr Darcy. Something fun for the Darcy lover out there. Because that is what they all were, sweet. It gets a 3,25, hard to say more since they all are short, and I felt different about all of them.Reason for reading: I like Austen sequels. Cover: Ok