Child of the Northern Spring

Child of the Northern Spring (Guinevere Trilogy) - Persia Woolley Plot:The story about Queen Guinevere, her childhood, and how she met and married her king Arthur.My thoughts:This story felt a bit truer than some as the author tried to keep the real facts in mind. The Romans have left, Saxons are invading, England, and Wales are made up from different kingdoms and under Ambrosius, Uther and no King Arthur they have a high king. Old Ways are meeting the new Christian church.This first book was not really about Arthur yet, instead she grew up and had flashbacks, and while riding to her wedding a friend of his explained recent events, and from that the reader learnt what has been going on. They do meet at the end of the book and marries. But that is it for now.Gwen then, well I did like her, but one thing annoyed me and that was how people constantly mistook her for a page, first, if that happened to me I would get upset, but even Arthur laughed it of.f I guess he liked having a woman who can be mistaken for a boy. Nice that she was no spoilt princess but still, even in pants a woman can look like a woman. As for Arthur, I did not get to know him so much in this one so can't say much about him. But there was some other nice characters, Bedivere, and her childhood friend Kevin, I still wonder what happened to him.Not much happened here, it was more a prelude to bigger things to come. The book felt ok, and there was no magic, and I do like reality when trying to understand the myth.Recommendation and final thoughts:For Arthur fans. Will I read more, well that is the question, I could, but as it is now I like where it ended. With them happy and married. And I can imagine them getting babies and living happily ever after. Instead of no babies, Lancelot, torment, agony and death. Here I got my happy ending. True fans can muster on.I liked the beginning, the second part may have struggled on a bit since not much happened. And I may have been hoping Lancelot would show up ;)Reason for reading:I was curious about this ever so depressing story.Cover: meh