Holly's Inbox

Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham This book was fun, and don't be scared by those pages. Just cut it in half and you get a number closer to reality. This book was entirely made from emails, and some of those emails could be only a line, some a question mark. So when there are a few lines on a page, then you understand that you read it pretty fast. I read it quickly and when I was near the end I could not put it down, I had to know what would happen! Holly is a receptionist, but of course she lied on her CV. She befriends the other receptionist, she meeds an old friend from school who works there, and she emails her two other best friends, Aisha who loves me, and Jason, who also loves men. She also emails her parents who moved to Spain, and her sister who also lives there and breeds snakes. Then there is her brother who is building a fetish club, and last, the guy she meets while working.I was unsure about this format, I am sure most were, but it worked. I got to know her through emails, she emails a lot and since they are not allowed to talk while at the reception they email each other. So a lot is happening that we later learn through emails. Fun idea that really works.There is a new romance, there is an old fling to avoid and just trying to do the job right, since not all are that nice. Bit of drama then too, and not to forget, humour! Yes I giggled and that is what good chick-lit should do.Final thoughts: Fun chick-lit, that in the end made me want to read the next one. Of course it could just as well have ended here, nice ending.