Trade Winds

Trade Winds - Christina Courtenay I got interested in this one cos it was set on Sweden, and I thought, a book in English, set in Swedish. I wonder if she knows her stuff ;) Which Courtenay does being half Swedish. It was fun seeing Swedish words used and knowing what they mean for once. Cos when that happens with other languages, it's trickier.Jess is of Dutch origin and her father started this trading company. Now she lives with her stepdad, whom she hates, and her mum. But she is pretty sure he is scaring away suitors so he does not have to pay her dowry. Among other things. Then there is Killian who is gambling away in Scotland, his grandfather doesn't want him as the next laird and his cousin hates him. So he goes to Gothenburg, where he meets Jess. Together they will figure things out.Jess was a strong woman, she refused to back down to her stepfather, because she knew he was bad business. She was also stubborn and wanted things done on her terms. While Killian is her opposite, impulsive, a bit of a rogue, but what they have in common is that they both are smart and willing to go that extra mile. A perfect fit, if both just could see it, and be happy.The story takes places in different places. Sweden of course, fun for me, Scotland (gotta love that), on a ship, and in China. I could sure not have made that journey to China, the time away, so freaking long.These two doesn't fall at once for each other, now they fight, resist, and make arrangements. You have to love slow real love.There is not only romance, no some kind of action too, as someone hunts Killian. Drama, and adventure, what else to expect from a journey like that.One thing though, they got really cold when they were in Småland, and, that being much southern than here, well I wish it was that warm.But then we do have more clothes on these days. Other than that, a good, accurate book. A nice era to write about, the 18th century, exploring, new places to trade, and all that