The Aristobrats - Jennifer Solow Not what I usually read, but I wanted to try a younger book once too, and I did. What can I say, it was a cute one.I never like books that try too much to be young, or show the worst side of kids, since they are nice kids too that never did stuff like that. I was one of those and I rather read about those too. This book has hip kids, prepsters, and slang, but it felt real.Parker goes to a fancy private school, she had her 3 best friends and she year she will rule the school. But not in mean girl way, no there are codes and the code is be nice to everyone, even if they have totally horrid clothes on. Cos mean girls are two-thousand-and-late. But then they have to do the school news show that everyone hates and their social status plunges, and their friendship is suddenly rocky. And of course there are the cute guy she wants, oh and the not so nice girls.Parker and her friends were nice and different. One loved fashion, one was the brain, and together they were the best of friends. The message that shines through is that friends are important, and to be nice to each other. They also learn that perhaps everything doesn't have to be perfect, like do you really need the perfect guy that everyone thinks you should end up with. They have a lot to learn.At the back of the book was also a cute glossary that explained some words that were used. Still I did feel a bit out of it at times with some short text messages that were there. But that didn't really stop the flow of the story.This is a book that I would recommend to young girls, and to the YA audience too, and adults too. Because it was a sweet book, and when it ended, well I was curious about what happens next, and about this boy she started to like. And there will be more books to that will be nice.Final thoughts: A nice, sweet book about friendship, and that attitude counts. Act like you enjoy being you and other will see you like that.