Never a Bride

Never a Bride - Amelia Grey I liked this one, I can't say what it was, perhaps the dry humour of it all, but this was my to date favourite Amelia Grey book.Mirabella is the heroine who has been kissing gentlemen in the garden and touching their necks. The buzz is out, but she doesn't care of her reputation suffers because she wants to find the man who ruined her cousin. But sadly her plans fall apart when her fiancé shows up again. He has been gone for 6 years, and by now she had kind of thought that he would never return to marry her. It doesn't get better that since they never met back then they now can't recognize each other.I must say, her going around kissing men was great fun. And at that time one little kiss was one big scandal. Just because the viscount is back doesn't men she stops, now she makes new plan, and her plans, yes they are great fun to read about.Mirabella is one forward heroine, I like that she loves so deeply that she cares more for her cousin than herself. Camden, our hero is quite taken by her, but he is also shocked and not sure what to do. So of course I wanted her to just tell him! But then where would the drama be then. Now let things unfold on their own because it did make me want to know what would happen. And if Mirabella ever would find that man who disgraced her cousin.This was one sweet historical romance with a couple who liked each other, but those kisses kept them apart. There is also the mystery surrounding her cousin, and her putting herself into situations that would be rather reckless considering.What is left to say, except that this is my kind of historical romance. It suits me well.