Bound By Marriage (Silhouette Desire)

Bound by Marriage - Nalini Singh I do like stories like this one. Gabe wants a wife and an heir, so he marries Jessica because she wants to save her ranch. No feelings attached, but we all know that can't last.Jessica was hopelessly in love with an old friend of hers, that is married and his wife is excepting. Gabe knows this and is not happy about it. He was a force in himself, and I did like him. He melted slowly and his own hidden secrets slowly came into the light. While Jessica understood that perhaps that first crush isn't everything in the world. But they had some fighting to do before that. With each other and with themselves.A sweet and short romance. Jealousy, secrets, and two people that share a great time in bed, but for some time that was all. What is there not to enjoy.