His for the Taking

His For the Taking - Sarah   Parr I liked this book, Warrick's parents was in a previous book, but that time I wasn't too thrilled about some choices his mum made. But now it all worked for me. And I do give that it was fun to see his parents again and see that they had gotten children, and that there was happiness.Pirates! Ok, no, but sort of later on. Re-wind. Warrick Barry is investigating smugglers and pirates. To gain some information he marries Karly Bane, the daughter of a pirate. But a stronger reason for this is that her uncle sold her to be a mistress to this bad guy, and buy marrying her Warrick saves her. Then it's time to uncover a plot regarding Bermuda, and trying to keep Karly alive. And yes then some pirates show up when they head on over there.I liked Warrick, he was so protective of her, and wanted to save her, and yes he wanted her in other ways too. But he was such a gentleman, he needed her trust. I did find myself liking him a lot. He is also very forgiving, and doesn't give a damn about what others think.Karly, I understood her completely. She was the daughter of a pirate, she had lived among them, she had been in prison, she had a bad reputation, and had secrets that could make her end up in jail again. She understood that marriage to her was a bad thing, it would tarnish his reputation. So she wanted out, that is before she started to fall in love, and I started to think, what the hell, who need the blessing of the ton. Of course I knew there was to be a HEA, but how would she deal was the question. And in the end she is such a good innocent girl.Two people married without knowing each other, falling in love, trust issues, and secrets. There was some sweet loving there.Then there is the other aspect of the book. The adventure and thrill part, the hunt for smugglers, pirates, spies and finding out what is going on with Bermuda. A girl needs some action too. As for Bermuda, yes I might have pictured everything from Pirates of the C, but it fitted, and it was etched into my mind. At the end of this book I did some counting, if they have some kids, then that would be a regency novel, now wouldn't that be lovely ;)Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Not a fan of the floating heads, but they are better than half-heads or no heads. Also, he is handsome. But that ship in the bay at the bottom is truly lovely.Reason for reading: From the author.Final thoughts: Some nice romance, good characters and the hunt for a truth that could kill them all. Sounds like an adventure.