There's Only Been You

There's Only Been You - Donna Marie Rogers This is the first book, before I read book 2, Meant to Be, but they are stand alone novels so they don't have to be read in the right order. Of course the last one sure had me curious about a couple of things. And there will be more, I got very happy when told that a certain person from book 2 will get a book, and so will Sara's other brother.I did enjoy this book, but I fell so head over heals for her other book that I loved that one more. I do wonder how I would have felt about all if I had read this one first. Garrett, Sara's brother was so alpha and annoying at times. I fell hard for her brother Nicky here, and I really came to like Sara (of course since she is the main character). But in the other book I had only eyes for Garrett, because he was so alpha hehe. And here I got to know Mike, what a sweet guy. But ok I must stop thinking how I would have started liking persons more and more now.This book is about Sara and Mike. They were in love as teenagers but then something happened and he left town and she found out she was pregnant. They both blame the other and have their own versions of what happened, and here the reader learns what really did happen. Sara has devoted her time to her son Ethan, and her brothers and uncle. They all live in the same house, and she spends her time there and at her bakery. Not much time for having a social life. But then Mike's dad dies and he comes back into town, and back into her life. But can they overcome those lies in the past?First I must say that I do love the cover, it looks so sweet and now I know what the title means, sweet. It fits the book.Sara is sweet main character, you can't dislike her. Mike on the other hand does have some anger issues, but he is all alpha and I do like him. And I sure like him and Garrett tearing at each other, that is two alphas that want to be number one. They both have reason to disliking each other.Sara and Mike have some bumps in the road before them, but I want them to be together and for Ethan to get a real dad. A nice love story.There is also the other side of the story, a rotten cop who is a drug dealer and Mike is sent to investigate this in his old town, without anyone knowing. It's a bad guy, a real creep, and there will be some action and bloodshed before the story can get a happy ending.