An Earl to Enchant (Rogues' Dynasty Series #3)

An Earl to Enchant - Amelia Grey This is the third book about 3 cousins finding love. Like with the two other books here each chapter starts with a quote from Lord Chesterfield, and I do like that. She has kept consistent, the letters from lady Elder, the quotes by or jokingly by Lord Chesterfield, and Gibby getting into trouble.Wouldn't exactly call Arianna young, she is 27, but she has lived in India her entire life, and has not been presented. She is very young in one way. After her father's death she leaves for England and shows up at at Morgan's estate. She is looking for his grandmother and she is weak from fever. Soon he realizes that he is attracted to her, but he has better things to do than seducing innocent women. Better to send for someone who can introduce the lovely Arianna to society.This book has another pace then the other two. There there were more "action" in one way. This one introduced the couple and the time they spent at Valleydale getting to know each other, and falling in love, whether they want it or not. That is the two first parts of the book, getting to know each other, starting with the sexual tension and then the last part that is set in London. Here the danger starts, it all has to do with her father's work in India and the reason why she has come to London.Arianna is sweet, she may be a blushing virgin but she does not deny what she is feeling for him. And Morgan, well I do like he eagerness to preserve her innocence. He seems honorable (but well we all know he is not gonna be able to keep that up for long.)This is sweet romance, I do not mind things going slowly or it not being steamy (I did have that earlier talk about how conservative I get sometimes, lol.) There is some passion in the latter part of the book, fear not those who want that. But I think the sweetness is the thing about this book just as that is her name. When thinking about all 3 books, then I think number 2 was my favorite of the three, and these two can share the second place. They do not need to be read in order. Even if I hadn't known anything I could have read this one without the rest. But then I love order and could never read a book out of order.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I do want facesReason for reading: From the publisherFinal thoughts: SweetFinal grade: 3