Released - Kimber Chin Released by Kimber ChinPages: 33Published: October 2009Genre: Contemporary romance/suspenseFifteen years ago, Alvar went to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Finally released, he comes face to face with the real murderer - the only woman he has ever loved.This was a sweet little story. Alvar comes out from prison, and he wants to move on and forget the past. But there is the question about Edenia. The woman he loved, the woman he went to jail for.I really like the opening sentence:The world's sexiest murderer stood in front of him, her fists clenched, brown eyes blazing. If Alvar cared at all about his life, he'd be scared.It's an intense read. I liked the lovestory that unfolded. It was sweet, and then there was the question of murder. The danger got closer and I can't say more since it's such a short read and I would just spoil it all.What more can I say that it was a nice short story. I never know with Kimber Chin's books, the one I read before this, I liked the most. Now I like this style again. I guess they just are getting better and better.