Spirits Unveiled

Spirits Unveiled - Amy Cummings Spirits Unveiled by Amanda Cummings~A thousand years have passed, the old ways forgotten. One clan remained, hidden away, passing down the knowledge, so that one day, when the time was right, peace and prosperity could reign once again, uniting the clans.~In a land where people carry within themselves an animal spirit lives four clans; Bear, Wolf, Hawk and Tiger. Darien, leader of the Wolf clan, finds himself captured and imprisoned by his enemy, the Bear clan. Emotionally battered her entire life, Raina, daughter of the Bear clan leader, fears a forced marriage to a horrid man looming in her future. A plan forms--free the prisoner in exchange for his protection to find her safety. Inexplicably drawn to each other, Darien struggles with his inner yearnings. They are from rival clans. Yet with every touch, every heated kiss, he is unable to deny what his body craves. Secrets and visions are revealed and hope lies within Darien and Raina if they can only embrace who they truly are, for the Spirits have destined the two to make right a terrible wrong that took place a thousand years ago.Steamy Fantasy Romance from 2008Taken blurb there when I wanted to give it justice.A little lost for words here when I know the author. How do I normally do this again, ok I will start from the beginning.Raina have lived a horrible life with an abusive father, and now she is going to be married to a total creep who stalks her every move. Demarius sure has it coming for him, but books needs bad guys and him and her father are perfect in those roles. No one could like them.In comes Darien, a captured leader who now will face torture and an eminent death by his enemies hands. Raina feels something at once for him, and I can feel that connection. They should be together, but everything seems to be against them. Her father is feared by all, and how could Darien's clan then ever accept her?It's a wonder that Raina isn't all messed up after her years, no she still has her spirit intact and Darien brings it out in her. He is a wonderful alpha, and I really do like him. Strong and still so loving. She is a great heroine who always have had something bigger before her than the life she has lived. I kept hoping they would get a HEA.I can't forget the supporting cast, her friend Taryn for instance, who I at first see just as another minor character but then she comes to her own and I get really intrigued, and Darien's friend Alon. I shouldn't forget him. There is also Gavin that is the leader of the hawk clan, and I could see him in a book of his own *hint hint*.It is a book that has a bit of everything, a lot of romance and sexual tension, danger, some fights, oh and I do like fights. Great characters and an ending that left me wanting more, especially something about the Tiger clan