Just in Case

Just In Case - Meg Rosoff I liked this book, but then I am drawn to weird books that do not make much sense, and this one is no exception.It starts at once. David Case rescues his brother, who get annoyed. His brother tells him (well thinks it) what he wanted to do, of course out of the 1 year olds mouth nonsense comes out. Through out the book we can hear the baby's clever thoughts, and he is sure wondering why no one gets him.David is dead sure that Fate is out after him, and he has a lot of gloomy thoughts. So he changes his name to Justin, starts wearing new clothes, and thinks that Fate can't find him any more. He also gets a dog, a greyhound, and the dog is of course not real. But he sees him. He gets a new friend, who also plays with the dog. I guess crazy attracts crazy. And then there is the older girl who wants to photograph him, and he falls in love. I think that was all teh crazy stuff.Or was it? No, this book has a second POV, Fate with short sentences tells us that he actually is after David.Why did I then like this book? I didn't think I would but suddenly I was drawn in to it and could not stop. David was so crazy, I guess it made me think of that Gyllenhaal movie with the rabbit. But David, or Justin really believed fate wanted him dead. And soon he saw dangers in everything, and that is not a way to live. His love affair with the girl was doomed, and it was rather painful to read who much he wanted her, when one could see her indifference. Even if she did care for him as a friend. Luckily he did meet Peter, who was great, and his little sister. That family was a pillar in Justin's life, even if they did talk about the dog. Like saying that Boy needed Justin to survive and exist...yes cos he was made up, duh. But then again Justin needed that dog, I think it made him stay sane.There was the crazy, the weird thoughts, fate showing up and scaring me, first love, friendship and a wonder how this all would end. A great YA book in the end, with some amazing writing in it.What can I say, I am a sucker for the weird,Blodeuedd's Cover Thoughts: Pretty, but pretty girl, but yes looks YA.Reason for reading: libraryFinal thoughts: I enjoyed this strange tale, about a boy who lost is footing in the world.