Shadow's Edge (Night Angel Trilogy #2)

Shadow's Edge - Brent Weeks This book took some time to read, not cos it was big, but cos it was so emotionally draining. I read 50 pages and had to stop. And took a break for some time. The reason, well let me put it like this. I saw a glimmer of hope, then I turned around and Weeks stabbed me in the back and left me bleeding.I should have learned not to trust it but I kept turning around and getting hit again and again.He is an excellent writer and he has created a rich world, but there is darkness, such darkness that I had to take those breaks from it.And the darkness he creates it not a darkness that I read and think no way (well except for those cannibals, but then that happens too, like that plane crash in the Andes.) But here the deal was war, and what happens during and after it. People do not live happily ever after. No there is death, rape, and bloody murder. It is brutal and it happens every day in real life too. The thing is just that Brent Weeks put it here for all to see, and he really pushes it.It is not a gore fest in blood and guts. Yes there is death, and horrible things. But he tells about them, without going in to details, because that would really have been bad. Now they are just there in this dark, dark world without hope.But ok, something about the story then, Kylar has left the fallen city and gone to another with Elene and young Uly.. But then he hears that Logan might be alive, but in a place worse than hell. Can he really turn his back on his nice new life and go back to what he used to be? The answer is pretty obvious, he may be a killer but he is also nice and wants to help his friends. He is loyal, and righteous (well most of the time, I mean he was an assassin.)This story started away from the horror, but went there via the side characters, while Weeks dealt blow and blow of hopelessness. But he has such strong characters that never give up even after the horrors that are happening to them. And there is still one more book, this one left with hope again but there are things to be seen too. I just have one hope, that he keeps Kylar alive, because I want him to be happy.One other thing is how he made me see one character in a new light, one I should, have hated, but even among this hopelessness there is forgiveness. All hope is not lost.Great series, even if it is dark. Take your time reading it, or perhaps you are not like me and I can deal with these things. I always have a hard time to deal with sadness, and darkness. Which is weird since I love fantasy and big war scenes, but I still wanna live in lala land and see HEAs and freakin unicorns.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: What can I say, I like it.Reason for reading. My own bookFinal thoughts: Dark fantasy, but awesome.