Hot in Here

Hot in Here - Sophie Renwick Hot In Here by Sophie RenwickShe wasn't his dish-until someone turned up the heatGenre: Contemporary erotic romancePublication date: June 2nd 2009Paperback: 288 pages"I like my women the way I like my recipes: fast, easy and full of variety.ā€¯Bryce Ryder in known as a playboy who dates sexy women and change between them like he changes his socks. His career is in jeopardy after a article in a magazine where he has been quoted saying certain things. He may be from a wealthy family but he wants to make it on his own and has started a successful restaurant, and has his own cooking show (Heating it up). A show watched by home wives who doesn't take kindly to his words and image. He needs to be saved.In steps Jenna McCabe, his long time friend who owns a PR firm and she is known to be good at it. If anyone can help him it's her. What he doesn't know is that she has been in love with him for 10 years and for her 28th birthday she has promised herself him with a ribbon around. But that will be hard since he was badly hurt in the past by a woman who took half of what he owns, and he is not the commitment guy these days. Now is the time for Bryce to finally see her as the woman she is, and not just same plain girl and hopefully she can keep him too.You remember what your mothers told you about playing with your food, well after this you will look at it another way. Yes food is sure meant the be played with and it gets played with a lot in this book. He is a wonderful chef, she loves his cooking, mix in with some sexual tension built to explode and what we have is something that boils over. A warning for people who think food should only be eaten from a plate. Because it will get hot in here. This book is steaming.There will be more books in this series about the Ryder brothers. We quickly meet Tyson, and I can't form an opinion about him, but he will be around later. We see more of Trey and Jenna's sister Sarah, and I sure want to read more about them. They can't seem to stand each other, but at the same time... Yes it will be fun. These two has seen that Jenna is in love with Bryce, and Trey wants his brother to open his eyes too so they set off scheming on how to get them together. But those kinds of plans are a sure bet to fail because love can't be built on lies and deception.There is also a third sister Emily, she does sound interesting, and I have my ideas on what she is up too. Her we will see more about in the other books I am sure. The McGabe farm is another set stone in the story. Here they grew up and Jenna has wonderful memories of her and Bryce there. It's also a part of the story how her family struggles to keep the farm as they risk to loose it, and everything on it will be destoyed.I like the theme of friends becoming lovers and learning to know each other in a different way, and look at each other in a different light. They seem so right for each other and I wonder why they didn't get it sooner. But love is blind, and Bryce needed to learn to look past things. I am sure glad he did because they are sweet together, and I get the little jealous streak that comes out of him when he sees her with someone else. Then we do see that he want her, and he begins to admit it to himself. Admit that he may always have felt it. I do like Jenna, she is not a plain girl, she is Strong ans sweet, and Bryce is sexy and I wouldn't mind him cooking me something.And there is sex, food sex, and a lot of others things that weaves into the story perfectly. It doesn't feel like there is sex for the sake of sex. No, it's there for a reason, and there is so much more than just it too. There is the story about them both, the farm, and their siblings. The book has a story to tell and it's being told.It's a great story, and because of the way it's written it leaves you wanting more about the Ryder brothers and the McGabe girls.