Charm School

The Charm School - Susan Wiggs I am writing both reviews at once since I finished the books so close to each other.The first one is a classic ugly duckling story, she does not feel at home, and she is not as popular and praised as her sisters. Not to mention that Isadora loves books. But she sees a way to get out and she manages to convince the owner of captain Ryan's ship to let her travel with them as a translator/companion to Ryan's mother. The captain is not pleased but she gets her will and steps aboard the ship.Here she blossoms, and I was a bit taken aback at first, cos I do not like stories where the guy suddenly falls for the woman cos she turned pretty. Here we see at once that there was something, but just something since he spends the rest of the trip trying to make her miserable, but she shines and befriends the crew. I liked her then, because she finally seems happy. The transformation may not be that big, throw away glasses she does not need, wear better clothes and just look happier.Ryan Calhoun, well him I do like too, he has a good heart even if he is a bit stubborn, but I just wait for things to heat up, and they finally do when they get to South America. That is they learn to speak as two civilized people.A cute enough story with a likable cast. As for the charm school, well there was not really anything of that in it. She just flourished, he did help but just to make her feel comfortable.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: These are reprints and I do like themReason for Reading: Library booksFinal thoughts: Charm school was the better one.