The Magical Christmas Cat

The Magical Christmas Cat - Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Linda Winstead Jones I have saved this book since the spring because I wanted to read it near Christmas and I am glad I did it. It was a special feeling.There were 4 short stories and my fav was by far Nalini Singhs story that took place in her psy changeling world. Stroke of Enticement. It is a story about Zach, a Dark Rivers soldiers, and Annie who teaches children, and who is not a changeling. It is s sweet story how they fall in love, how she is afraid to let him close and how he knows she is his mate. This story really made me want to read more Nalini Singh. And the cat in this story is then of course Zach, and what a yummy cat he is, grrrr.My second fav, well, prehaps not fav. The next two were ok.Lora Leigh had a story from her Feline Breeds books. Christmas Heat is the story about a librarian who hears some plans see shouldn't and Noble, the jaguar from the Sanctuary who will protect her. They seem to have been looking at each other for some time but never made a move. This story has got some danger, and love. It was ok to me, dunno of I had liked it more if I had understood the world better. Then there is this thing about the heat, and how it takes hold of you and wont let you go. Mates for life.Christmas Bree is Erin McCarthy story about three witch sisters, and Bree is the empath. She has been having sex dreams about this guy, then someone shows up. She knows he wants her, she wants him, but they are so different. he is a lawyer, and she is a witch in strange clothes. They have a long way to go, and some sex some try first. This one was ok too. Oh and the cat here is running around with mistletoe, magic mistletoe.Sweet Dreams by Linda Winsted Jones is the story about Ruby who owns a bakery and who gets a strange jade cat from a secret admirer. And Zane across the street who is not all what he seems to be. dark powers are at play in this story. This story was rather hm for me.But Singh totally made this anthology for me, I so want to try her out now. I really enjoyed her changeling-psy world.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Sweet and cute.Reason for Reading: Own bookFinal thoughts: Nice sweet Christmas stories for xmas.