Victory of Eagles (Temeraire, Book 5)

Victory of Eagles (Temeraire, Book 5) - Naomi Novik ^ Soar on the wings of Adventure ^It's a dark time for the dragon Temeraire. He has been removed from the Aerial corps and sent to the breading pens in Wales. Will Laurence, his captain is to be hanged for treason. The sickness that killed dragons has been cured, and the dragons of Englands allies, and the enemy France are cured also after Temeraire and Laurence flew over with the cure. Which leads to the beginning of this story.Things are bad in Britain. Napoleon has managed to come across the channel and has now set up camp in the south. He is marching for London to take over the city.It looks like Temeraire and Laurence can be Britains only hope. A celestial dragon could sure turn the tide against the hoards of French dragons and soldiers. But they have been branded traitors, still what the British government hasn't taken into consideration is Temeraire's loyalty and love for his captain and his intelligence.Yes I have a thing of alternate history books. When I first heard about this series, dragons fighting in the Napoleonic wars I thought no way, and that it was kiddie books. Then I heard that Peter Jackson has bought the movie rights, and then some months after I happened to come across it in the library and thought why not give it a go. I am glad I did, I always did enjoy Hornblower, sailors and war, dunno why but it was nice to watch on tv. So what if there had been dragons in the world, and they were used in wars? Yes you get the idea.A captain who loves his ship and the sea happens to get a dragon egg. And when it hatches the dragon bonds with him and now he must give up everything he has ever known to become a dragon rider. They exist outside the military in a way and doesn't get much respect. He is giving up his career for a dragon. But dragon is not any dragon, he shows Will that dragons are smart beings, and fiercely loyal. Temeraire is his best friend.I liked book 1, the others dragged out a bit, but this one again I like. Temeraire is funny and you have to love him. Will also, even though he is rather pigheaded, and goes back to Britain where he will be hanged for treason. That is where this book starts off, the last one was such a cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to get this one to see how they can get out if it. Because at least I knew that Temeraire wouldn't want to give up without a fight. They saved their allies too, I thought they were heroes, and not traitors. Sure they saved the French too, but it was for the dragons. Not for the love of Napoleon. Because in this alternate world he is winning.There are also a bunchy of other funny dragons in this book. I have really grown to like the Turkish dragon Isikerka who wants to fight over all things. Poor Granby, her captain, he can't keep up with her blood lust. And one thing that are true to the dragon myths, yes treasures. They do want them and in this book the pick up the golden eagles that the French has, if they win a fight that is.The humans in the story are great also, but they don't get much time in this one. This one truly is about Temeraire and his fellow dragons, and the interactions between Will abd him. I lvoe those, true friendship.