The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance - Ok how to review this, I will not talk about all those stories. So a few short lines about those I really enjoyed.The Temptation of Robin Green by Carrie VaughnI did not like it at first, which is bad since it's so short, but then I liked it. A story about a zoo with paranormal beings, and it was the selkie that got me. One hot hot scene too.Light through Fog by Holly LisleThis was a sort of ghost story but at the same time not. And it was heartbreaking, a wonderful little story she brought to life.Grace of Small Things by Ilona AndrewsI guess it was set in that world she writes about, with magic clans and such, not sure. Anyway clans, a hunt, and I found myself liking this little story.Once a Demon by Dina JamesI think this was my fav, what a bittersweet story, heart wrenching about a demon and love.The lighthouse keeper and his wife by Sara MckenzieNeptune, the sea, a lighthouse, lost love, a good history that evolved.The Princess and the peas by Alyssa DayOh I liked this one, set in a lost country long ago, with fae and magic. Even though I imagined another thing happening and was a bit disappointed when it didn't.At second Bite by Michelle RowanThis was my second fav. A girl, vampires, soulmates, and it was funny. I loved her style, I really can see myself reading more Rowan.The Dream Catcher by Allyson JamesA strange world, repressed passion and a truly hunky guy. I liked what she begun.So some I liked, some I have forgotten, some were ok. These were the good ones. Though the Jeanine Frost was kind nice too. Still I am not a short story girl, I want more, a beginning, an end, more! I need a long story.