Seducing a Scottish Bride

Seducing a Scottish Bride - Sue-Ellen Welfonder First I do must say that the title is rather incorrect, it should more be Seducing a Scottish groom, because Ronan tried everything not to seduce her, and she on the other hand tries everything to seduce him. I do love Scotland, and who doesn't love Scots who do not wear anything under that plaid. How they got anything done is beyond me. But ok enough with what they wear.Ronan is dark and brooding, he has lost 2 wives and the castle and grounds are a dangerous place since there is a ancient curse over the family. I did think just like Gelis here, curse, tsk, but then it kind of changed. No there is a curse, there is magic and druids and power therefore the paranormal in the genre category too. Because else I do not know how to describe a mist snake and bull with red eyes. There is true magic here, but then the Highlands have always been enchanted.Gelis is strong spirited, she has the sight, and the sees a raven, when she then hears she is bound to marry Ronan MacRuari she welcomes the idea, even if her father does not. She goes to the dark castle with open arms. Of course Ronan wants nothing to do with her, he is afraid of her dying, and she, well she knwo they are meant to be.There is magic in the air, and foul play, and she tries her best and seducing him. She sure knows whats she wants and is not afraid to take it. Though someone who wants some hot romance soon must wait, and wait, and wait, the first kiss comes way into the second half of the book. But I do not mind it. It is keeping with character, even is the passion is sizzling underneath and he seems to be obsessed with her hair. The language is pretty easy flowing, but there is something that could bother people, and which has me wondering sometimes. It is not that they like to say Scottish words, no, it is the spelling of Scottish as they said it with a Scottish accent.A cute romance with two strong characters, some kilts, and some magic.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I am not saying no to a kilt ;)Reason for reading: My own bookFinal thoughts. A nice little romance