Sins of the Flesh

Sins of the Flesh - Caridad Piñeiro This was a great book, at first I did not know what it would be about, I mean he is kissing her underwear, would it be a smexy ride? Actually it was not as PR as some in the genre. This was more like UF is sometimes, and I liked it a lot. Edit: Just found that they call it suspense too, and yes that makes sense.Caterina Shaw was dying from cancer ad she was offered something new, but that turned out to be a nightmare as they used her as a labrat in a gene experiment. Her body is strange and she is stronger than before, but also lost and vulnerable. She did it all for her music, which she loves.Mick is sent to find her, but he has doubt that she will be a savaged killer. He is ex army, hot, and very protective. Yes very alpha. He finds her, and then he wants the truth, but he can't just hand her over.Instead of saying it is paranormal romance, I would make it contemporary sci-fi romance, you get my point. It was about the science, and her powers comes from that (if not something new shows up in the next book). And there is romance, oh yes it is building up between those two, and I am glad it takes some time for things to heat up because she is so vulnerable and lost. And when it finally happens it makes total sense. During all that time he does play the tough guy, but anyone can see that wants to protect, and I like him a lot.Cat is nice, but since she is pretty lost, and I wonder if she is a murderess, well I just had to get to know her and trust her like he did.What to say, the book is not as sexy as it looks, so go on give it a try, it was a nice one, and to those who likes it sexy, well you will get what you want too later on.I really liked how these two got to know and trust each other, and I enjoyed the sidestory with his sister Liliana and her ass of a boyfriend. I hope we get to hear more about the middle of this review I went on over to Caridad's site, and oh yes book 2 will be about Liliana. I am very happy to hear that. She deserves a nice guy.There is the strangeness of the gene treatment, and evil scientist, the hunters after Cat, the budding romance between her and sexy Mike. Liliana's story and involvement since she is a doctor and wants to help. The hunt getting closer and closer as they want their experiment back. A story with a bit of everything. A story that managed to grab me as the characters came to life. I'd say, read it.