Flawless - Kimber Chin Meant to post this earlier, but hectic week, and then an early night so I could get up at 5 AM on Saturday. But here we are, at the end of the week, and I bring Flawless.I usually say this every time, and I have to say it yet again. This is my fav Kimber Chin so far. I guess she does get better and better.This story is about Tavos Santos, who sure need a bit of media training, and this Grace can give him. of course that is not the whole story. Grace is hiding because someone wants to kill her, and Tavos is not a stranger around death.Tavos does say a certain word too much, but this he knows, and that is the point. What a potty mouth on that guy *shakes head*. Still I am drawn to him, he has this magnetic personality, raw. And I fall for him, hard. He is beyond alpha male.Grace is sweet and totally weird. But then she is counting the hours she has left and she wants it live. I can respect that, and I love the way he falls for her.Oh oh, gotta give you some quotes:“Until he’s dead, I can’t ever live, can’t ever love.” A lover, a friend, even a pet, it was too risky. He would destroy anything she cared for. “What’s life without love?”With that in the prologue the tone was set and I could not wait to see what happened.This was a nice love story, she fell for him, and he thought she was too good for him. Btw loved the end, very sweet, the epilogue was my fav part I think. There is also the suspense element, and it does get pretty intense there for a moment.There is also a bunch of people from previous books and stories that we get to meet again. I always enjoy that.Ok love him, sighs, he was so grrr, Grace was such a loony sweetheart. I enjoyed reading about Marie and Carlos. It has the love, passion, and the suspense. I do think Kimber Chin has done it again, with creating this lovely novel.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Very lovely, I read that the couple in the back is Marie and Carlos who has a thing going on in this book. I like the blueReason for Reading: The author sent this to me.Final thoughts: Do you wanna see how many times f##k is used in a book, read this one ;)