Wild Heart

Wild Heart - Lori Brighton Publication date: November 3nd 2009Genre: Historical paranormal romancePages: 320Wanton. . .Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined--and completely untamed, until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo's mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing.WillingWhat manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo's reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of, and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul.......This was a nice read. I connected at once with the heroine of the book. Ella is a sweet woman with a good heart. There was something innocent about her, and at the same time something mysterious and a great willpower. Leo, well I wasn’t sure what to think of him, was he an animal, crazy or what? It gets explained because things are not always what they seem. Lori Brighton makes you fall bit by bit for him, until you just can’t resist him. Just like Ella, and they have great chemistry; I can see it at once. I ache for them, I want them to be together, I want them to trust each other enough to tell the other one all their secrets.The side characters are good also, his sweet old grandfather, Ella’s friend Fran, who is the explanation why Ella takes on this position. Lady Buckley, she seems mean, Leo’s friend Akshay, and then the villain of this book, Leo’s cousin Henry. Him readers will dislike at once, and I wanted to find out what his motives was and why he was such an idiot. I can’t tell you the times I wanted to be there with Ella and calm Leo down, or well hug him. Not thathe cared all times, but I sure did.It was a paranormal historical but the paranormal part was not that big in it. I will not spoil it but Ella has a gift, and she uses it sometimes though out the book. In the end the paranormal part gets a bit bigger as all things are explained. You have to wait for it, and it will make you curious, what is going on in this book? The ending also leaves you wanting more. She wraps it up nicely, but she leaves a thread hanging so that there can be more. I am happy with this ending, but yes I am curious, will there be more? The answer is yes, one character from this book is getting a book of his own.Lori Brighton weaves together a beautiful historical about two people who find each other at the worst possible time, but at the same time the best time. They both have secrets and they both need something. You smile with them, and you sit by and wonder if it will turn out good. These two are a couple that need to be together. The hint of the paranormal is cleverly shown trough out the book in a way that makes you believe that sure, that is possible. She makes you believe, and you never feel that it’s a paranormal historical. It’s a historical book; the magic in it just exists. And I do believe.This book has a bit of everything, a mystery, magic, romance and the hunt for the truth that will put lives in danger. When it does heat up it heats up and I am sitting on my seat wondering what will happen next. It always looks the darkest before the end.This is a great debut and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. A good author leaves you with a want for more, if so be with the same characters or with a new concept.As a side note, I read this book back in July and wrote the review but I post it now when the date is getting closer for its release.