The Saint And The Fasting Girl

The Saint and the Fasting Girl - Anna Richenda I do like to read different sorts of books, and therefore this one looked interesting. But when I got it I got scared for a moment that it would be overly religious, but luckily for me it wasn't. This was about the saints, religious intolerance and things connecting to that.First thing I did, well to see if there was any truth to the story since I am very curious. No saint Isela thought, but the funny thing was that I stumbled upon one saint that I had come across in another book some days earlier. And by knowing that fact it did make me feel like I understood the story more.This is not your average historical book, it's all about the nuns who follow the way of Saint Isela and waiting for the day she will reborn with them. Life after life the Bearer is reborn to guide the way of the Chooser. The Bearer is always Georgia.This was a sad book to read at times, it was horrible the things done to catholic nuns and monks at that time, rape, violence, torture, death. This is shown in the book and it's not an easy read Some things did make me cringe. And I have no idea how they suffered through it.Georgia is a strong woman with strong beliefs. She will do absolutely anything to see the promise fulfilled and see Isela with them again. The strange thing is that I am pretty neutral about her for the first half of the book, I can't say what happens but it surprised me more than anything. And then I find myself liking her. She is stronger in some way, and I can connect more to her.There are a bunch of other side characters here too, like Lo, who I would cry for, a bunch of nuns, and the bad guy Philip SeVerde. He is I didn't like, but there was someone worse, I shall not mention it because the reader will see that for themselves. But he is horrible. There are dark characters, light ones, and those in between. They can shift and that is a good thing.One thing that I didn't expect was a bit of romance, just a tiny bit, but enough to make me smile among all the sadness that came over me at one point.